Writing a book is fulfilling especially if it is your passion but the challenges associated with the entire process are enormous. You need determination and patience so that you can come up with a readable and relevant book.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can start writing a book

Select a genre

By looking at the books in your bookshelf, you will be able to know what your genre is. What you love reading the most is the topic you should write about. Some people may try to convince you to write on the bestselling topics but this may not work for you. The best option is to follow your heart.

Begin with the climax

For most beginners, they will be very sure about the topic but as they progress, they lose the flow. The best idea is to start with writing how you want your story to climax. When you do this, go back to where the story begins and proceed based on the climax.

Create your characters

Your characters will give life to your story and this means they are very important. Note down their biographies, their motivation, their struggles, and everything else about them. You should have this information before you begin writing.

Come up with an outline

This is a rough guideline regarding the flow of the story which contains an overview of every chapter, the struggles, and the relationship between characters. You should leave room for changes when making the outline.

Write your first draft

In this stage, you will begin to flow with the story and grow with the characters. Do not worry about typos at this point as what matters is the flow of the writing.

Take a break

Once you are done with your first draft, take a break.


Once you have had enough rest, you will now rewrite your story. You will rectify the plots that do not make sense and make your characters perfect. This may take a few months as you have to think through everything that you pen down.

Final edit

You need to be sober when writing the final edit. Get rid of unnecessary adverbs, use numerous synonyms and make your book perfect. If possible, get external help with the editing as another person will see mistakes that you will overlook.

The book is now complete and you are officially a writer!