For most people, a great writer must have a good vision as well. They believe that a person has to be able to see what they write. However, this is not the case as there are famous writers who were either blind or had a low vision.

Oliver Sacks

In addition to being a writer, Oliver Sacks was a British neurologist. One of his bestsellers were The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. He openly wrote about his blindness which resulted from a tumor and also worked on case studies regarding blind people and those with a low vision.

His writing has been adapted severally by award-winning filmmakers.

Jorges Luis Borges

Jorges Luis Borges was naturally shy and it was when he became blind that he got his liberation. His blindness was progressive but instead of allowing it to have a negative effect, he used it to advance his writing career.

He has been a positive influence on some prominent writers like William Gibson. When writing about his blindness, he wrote,

‘At the far end of my years I am surrounded
by a persistent, luminous, fine mist
which reduces all things to a single thing
with neither form nor colour.’

His influence on the literally world will be remembered for generations and his writing will continually be held in high esteem.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker became partially blind after his brother shot him in the eye with a BB gun. This American author is best known for her novel The Color Purple that was later made into a film.

Though the partial loss of sight affected her appearance and her sight, she remained focused and strong enough to write about her ordeal.

James Thurber

Before he became blind, James Thurber was not a writer. His brother shot him with an arrow when they were young and this made it impossible to participate in physical activities. As a result, he decided to put his creativity to task by expressing what he felt through writing.

Some of his famous writings include The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Admiral at the Wheel.